December Rider of the Month Nick Peterson

12/05/2011 by Pockets

December’s rider of the month is Nick Peterson from Kansas City, Missouri. Nick has been into extreme sports his entire life.  As a child Nick always wanted a dirt bike, but couldn’t afford one. As a result, he spent his free time honing his skills at the local skate park roller blading. It wasn’t until August of 2005, and to Nick’s surprise; his father finally bought him a 1999 RM 250 from a garage sale. Fortunately for Nick, he had just learned how to ride a dirt bike a few weeks prior. This allowed Nick to start hitting the trails the day he received the dirt bike.

After a few weeks of riding, Nick decided it was time to go racing. Nick started in the beginner class and even won his very first race. After several races in the beginner class, Nick decided it was time to step up to a more competitive class.

In 2006, Nick entered the school boy class and won his first ever local series championship. After winning the championship, Nick set his sights on racing Loretta Lynn’s.

In 2007 Nick achieved his goal and made it Loretta Lynn’s in the 125/250 novice mod class. Once at Loretta Lynn’s, it didn’t take Nick long to realize his endurance wasn’t up to par and that this sport is more physically demanding then he originally anticipated. As a result, Nick didn’t receive the results he was looking for.

Once Nick returned from Loretta Lynn’s, he decided to start taking his motocross future more serious. Nick set up a training and nutrition program and entered the intermediate and open classes in 2008. Nick was leading the points in both 450 classes, until he broke his knee cap. Luckily for Nick, this didn’t require surgery and he was able to win the championship in the open class and place third overall in the intermediate class.

 In 2009 Nick traveled to Lake Whitney and Oak Hill for the spring nationals. Nick raced the 450 intermediate, open amateur and the 16-24 classes at both events. At Oak Hill Nick tore his ACL, but continued racing the local series anyway and won another Missouri State Series Title. Nick entered the pro class in 2010 with high hopes, but the lingering ACL injury finally required surgery, unfortunately putting Nick on the sidelines. While Nick was recovering, he worked at a friend’s custom trailer shop to make extra money to pay for his racing. While Nick was cutting foam on a table saw one day, the saw unfortunately kicked back and cut off his thumb, leaving Nick unable to ride for nine months. Injuries and struggling to get back into racing shape have forced Nick to extend his time off the bike and focus on regaining his confidence.

While off the bike, Nick spends his free time running his business as a mechanic, which supports his racing efforts. Nick uses Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Hot Cams, Cylinder Works and Vertex Pistons for all his racing needs and is extremely happy with the products! There are several people that make Nick’s racing possible, but Nick credits his father the most for sacrificing so much in his life so Nick can go racing. Nick keeps a positive attitude and when he’s having a bad day riding, he tells people, “A bad day of riding is better than a great day doing anything else!”



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